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In IPTV service, the same technology is used as that of Internet Services. In this service the TV channels are encoded in IP format and delivered to TV using a Smart Electronic Device. The IP TV Service also includes Video on Demand Services which is similar to watching Video CDs / DVDs using a VCD / DVD player. Movies, Instructional Videos and other content shall be available to customers in the IP TV Services.

Initially the Bouquet of TV channels and Video on Demand services shall be available. Other services / content shall be introduced progressively.

1. TV and Content Head End - Where the TV channels are received and encoded. Also other content (Videos) are stored at Head End. IPTV Multimedia Group has signed agreement for this with Comcast Ethernet Business . 2. Delivery network - Which is Comcast Broadband network and IPTV Multimedia Group Head End. 3. Smart Electronic Device, know as IP Settopbox (IP STB)- The IP STB is required at the customer location for converting the IP signal back to TV signal. The IP STB shall be connected between Broadband Modem and customers TV. The IP STB shall be provided by IPTV Multimedia Group.


IPTV stb Mag-250 Micro

Set-top box MAG-250 Micro has been integrated inside the maximum quantity of demands of all operators of broadband access of technical possibilities and unsurpassed convenience of use for the end user of an interactive digital television. The set-top box meets all modern requirements for multimedia devices, including support of video streaming, video on demand, reproduction of digital channels in high quality, and also access to OTT-services (YouTube, Picasa, online cinemas, a weather forecast, social networks, etc.) and the Internet browser.

Multifunctionality,Including HD

One of actual features of a set-top box is the ability to transform any format of an video input signal in stably transferred image on the screen of the TV panel of any generation. The device supports video of high resolution (Full HD 1080?) and all modern codecs.

External Interfaces

The set-top box MAG-250 Micro equipped with two USB connectors that makes available additional services connection of Wi-Fi adapter for connection to the Internet "by air", without a Ethernet, viewing a digital content from video and/or photo cameras or other media devices, and also record on external information media. Also there is an optical audio output of S/PDIF and the HDMI 1.3? input.

Internal Portal

The internal portal set inside of set-top box is an operating example of using JavaScript API and allows to meet with the most important functional capabilities of MAG-250 Micro. Among them audio and/or video content transferred through the local area network or from the Internet, operation with subtitles, different transport protocols, UPnP, SAMBA, choice of available language tracks, control of a video window and possibility of configuring and setup of the set-top box.

Protection Of The Content And Access Control

The set-top box MAG-250 Micro integrated with world level systems of protection of the content, such as Verimatrix and Secure Media. Possibility of remote control, monitoring and setup of devices has been implemented by using of JavaScript API.