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IPTVMultimedia Group provides end-to-end video streaming solutions for encoding, recording, managing, publishing and distributing secure video content. Whether you need to deliver your live or on-demand video content over dedicated networks or to a broader Internet audience, our video streaming solutions power a wide range of applications such as: enterprise communications, skills training and assessment and mission-critical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) operations.

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Our service content is generally delivered over a private network but can also be delivered on a secure internet connection. The content includes traditional TV channels but can support interactive TV which can provide following added functionality:


Development, manufacturing and distribution of hi-tech equipment for the telecommunications industry. We provide IPTV for home, mobile devices, tablets and phones.Service providers worldwide are already employing Iptvmultimedia technologies as the foundation of their IPTV offerings. They are building next-generation IP networks that are optimized for delivering rich-media experiences. To offer the full potential of an IPTV solution, you need to extend medianet capabilities into the customer home.


TV streaming and recording products provide a solution for networked delivery and storage of video content via Ethernet networks. IPTVMultimedia Group products are designed to fit a wide range of requirements regardless of network size, number of channels or recording requirements. When used in combination with the HMA Solution, IP streaming offers a low cost way of delivering generic content to multiple screens within the IP network.Use your existing IP network to distribute video from cameras or DVD/Blu-ray players, or TV from set-top boxes.


IPTV network systems can be specifically custom-made to meet the different demands of the hospitality, shools and hotel market. Whether it's a humble boutique guest house, top class 5 star hotel or a sports arena,shools . IPTV companies can provide the complete selection of tools you need to offer a fully functional IPTV hospitality service to your guests. IPTV is what your valuable hotel guests will expect and demand. It is the future of any TV distribution in a hotel and with IPTV technology, you will have a wealth of benefits,Distribute free to view and subscription satellite or terrestrial television signals across your computer network to every guest bedroom.


A revolutionary content centric DVB and IPTV middleware that we support, HMA represents new trends in user interface design. Carefully prepared screen-by-screen always with end-user in mind to allow easy and seamless navigation through your content offer. To compare with standard HMA GUI, new approach allows the end-user to forget about the source where the content is coming from (either VOD, catch-up TV, PVR or network or USB drives) and concentrate on pure entertainment selection. Now we can produce new interfaces much faster, with less development effort and to integrate 3rd party content in uncomplicated way. Moreover, latest design trends and the computing power of contemporary set-top boxes can be fully exploited


Our IPTV solutions can be adapted to meet your specific requirements. For customers who have selected either Sensiq, our guest communications portal or Genesis, our proven internet and entertainment solution, IPTV can seamlessly integrated into both, thus increasing the range of content available for your tenat and enhancing their overall entertainment experience.Additionally complete stand-alone professional IPTV solutions are offered to customers who do not have an in-apartment system and our services include the supply, installation and maintenance of the latest digital TV equipment.


Multimedia Group , will coordinate all your live video production logistics. MG-Sport has the creativity, ingenuity, technical knowledge and track record to ensure the success of your live production. With locations in New York, Washington, DC and Los Angeles and an abundance of international production experience, we are prepared to handle projects anywhere in the world, regardless of complexity.

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IPTVMultimedia Group is a leading provider of comprehensive, high-quality, and timely test solutions to customers worldwide. We specialize in full turnkey IPTV Solution automated test systems and software solutions that help customers rapidly launch test. Creating and implementing test strategies and test solutions to assist customers in meeting their most complex automated testing requirements, IPTVMultimedia Group addresses the full customer product design and product manufacturing lifecycle.

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  • Event Broadcast

    Your pictures carry emotions and information - we carry the pictures. Whether you are organising a major sports event, a cultural event or a company event - we take the pictures to any location of your choice, around the globe if necessary: into the studio, to TV sets and big screens and the internet. In addition to the production and transmission of TV pictures, as an experienced full-service provider we also offer event organisers and TV broadcasters turnkey solutions for streaming pictures to the internet as well as all telecommunication services and internet connections required on site. From World Boxing Championship to large concerts or live transmission of a company's shareholder meeting or an organ transplant - our services guarantee maximum quality and reliability.

    Premium transmission solutions via fibre-optic and microwave radio relays with state of the art SNG vehicles anywhere and services for secure transmission of events via satellite

    Many large stadiums, event arenas and other event locations in USA are already connected to the national IP-based Broadcast NGN of IPTVMultimedia Group via fibre-optic lines. This network offers broadband transmission options to the over 130 connected broadcasting and production studios. Links to global fibre-optic networks and satellite systems are available for international transmissions.

    This allows TV pictures to be transmitted in all imaginable formats and quality levels, right up to transparent and uncompressed HD signals for lossless post-production. In addition, the network also offers capacity for audio, communications and data signals.

    For high quality broadcasts from locations which don't have a fibre-optic connection yet, IPTVMultimedia Group offers high-performance digital point-to-point microwave radio relays. The signals are then fed into our BROADCAST NGN at the closest transfer point. This allows for end-to-end digital transmission of the signals from the recording location to the studio, even for broadcasts from the "green fields". The microwave radio link is bidirectional, so additional applications such as TV feedback video, command or (n-1) connections can easily be integrated.

Latest Hardware From IPTV Service

Our best hardware and update system for IPTV Telco Company.


The Smart TV opportunity

Smart Service 6:49 AM MMG Technology

The concept of Smart TV is brilliant. By adding connectivity directly in the TV screen, it is possible to access applications and content from various providers without the need for an extra device. With the added benefit of having a tuner inside the TV, the Smart TV platforms offer unique possibilities of interaction with live broadcast in a way that no other OTT platforms can offer. All major TV manufacturers have launched Smart TVs over the past 3-4..

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HEVC H.265 set-top boxes

SetTop-Box 6:49 AM MMG Technology

MMG is launching a range of new HEVC H.265 set-top boxes

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Trans 300 HMA

Trans300 HD/SD Multi Channel Transcoder H.264 & H.265

Transcoder 6:49 AM MMG Technology

The Trans300 is multichannel video and audio transcoder which provides a powerful processing engine for linear broadcast transcoding idel for IPTV solutions. Transcoder is based on an ultra-fast Nvidia chipset offers you a great tool for your project. It's capable of transcoding/encoding up to 300 SD or HD channels. You don't need to buy many devices, and thus avoid filling too much room. The Slim 1U Rack design will save you space and money. This solution is great for any IPTV project, from typical Telco headends to large scale OTT projects. It is an extremely cost effective solution per channel.

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When quality matters and you need to deliver an outstanding video experience or when every second counts and you need low latency to make important decisions quickly, our IP video solutions empower your communications and connect your audiences. With expertise in the enterprise, education, medical, and federal/military industries, our video solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the markets and the customers we serve.

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Development, manufacturing and distribution of IPTVMultimedia Group equipment for the telecommunications industry